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Alex Farquhar

About Alex Farquhar

Alex has over 15 years photographic experience. She started at an early age, then included photography as part of her Art A Level and qualified as a professional in 1992 with BTEC National Diploma from Birmingham Poly. She has since used her skills and knowledge both at home and around the world.

With her ability to capture the spirit of a place, the atmosphere of an occasion and character of a person she now specialises in Events (eg. corporate events, sporting events, school events, balls etc), Wedding Photography and Portraiture.

When photographing individuals, Alex likes to try and spend time with them before any photoshoot, in order to gain a better understanding of their character(s). She has a knack of making people feel relaxed, and her photoshoots tend to be informal occasions - giving fun, spontaneous and natural feeling images as a result.

No event is too big or too small, and in her unobtrusive way she will capture the main focus of the event as well as pick up those often unnoticed, intricate details. She looks at every shot differently taking in all aspects of the subject, situation and surroundings.

Alex has recently been exploring botanical photography and enjoys looking for and creating slightly alternative flower images with the use of colours and angles. These images are for sale.

As well as the personal satisfaction of taking a good photograph it rewards her as much to capture those special moments for others too. Taking a photograph which you can look at time and time again, without growing tired of it, is what she strives for.


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